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MUSIC FUND offers artists up-front cash for a portion of their royalty income.

The Music Fund leverages Artificial Intelligence to power a smart-pricing algorithm that offers artists up-front cash within 24 hours so they can invest in their music career with upfront money, in exchange for as little as a 1% split of their streaming royalties for only 2 years. They say an artist can keep 100% of their copyright and all earnings from future releases. No debt and no record label obligations. This is coming on the heels of Music first Chairman JOE CROWLEY. who has filed reply comments in the FCC's quadrennial ownership rules review taking the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS (NAB) to task for its comments asking for a loosening of ownership caps. “They ask the FCC and CONGRESS to change the rules to make sure broadcasters are compensated when others make money off their content, but they won’t extend the same fairness to the artists whose music they exploit to line their pockets. They want one set of facts for themselves and a different one for everyone else and we’re not going to let that stand.” Investors in THE MUSIC FUND include WARNER MUSIC GROUP and TECHSTARS MUSIC. The acquisition will power new artist funding options from HIFI, which since its launch last year, has seen thousands of applications for membership and is currently tracking hundreds of millions of dollars in royalty income on behalf of its creator members and their teams. THE MUSIC FUND has developed a funding solution that has been a gamechanger for artists, empowering them to finance their own projects while retaining their copyrights and ownership of their masters. Their automated valuation model will accelerate a new generation of financial products for HIFI members and partners. The addition of John and his team will be hugely beneficial to our creator community as we continue to build a technology infrastructure that financially empowers artists across all stages of their careers.”

Independent artists have a opportunity to reap the benefits of their brand with Music FIRST, The Music fund and Tribe Media because like Music FIRST Chairman JOE CROWLEY noted "broadcasters want fair compensation for their own content" but "hypocritically refuse to provide fair compensation to artists for their music." "Broadcasters can’t have it both ways," "Broadcasters can’t claim to be hemorrhaging listeners and standing up for fair compensation for content creators when it suits them, only to turn around and tell artists that they don’t deserve the same fair compensation for their own content because broadcasters are providing them so much 'promotional value' by exposing their music to a (by their own admission) rapidly shrinking pool of listeners. It’s hypocrisy, plain and simple and the FCC should not let it stand." the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS (NAB) is in support of relaxing the broadcast radio ownership rules and passing the JOURNALISM COMPETITION AND PRESERVATION ACT but against the AMERICAN MUSIC FAIRNESS ACT said CROWLEY. “Just like you’re not allowed to maintain contradictory positions before the courts, the FCC should not allow the NAB to maintain contradictory positions before federal policymakers especially when one set of those positions is being used to support policy changes that will negatively impact media competition, in direct opposition to the public interest.”

“DAMIAN and his team have built the leading financial platform for music creators and their teams available today. Our prediction model enables us to underwrite a variety of short-term financing solutions to artists at absolutely no risk to them, empowering them to record music, go on tour, or market current projects without having to sign away any long-term rights. As we join the HIFI ecosystem, we’re looking forward to leveraging our automated valuation model to deliver an entirely new class of innovative financial products to the music creator community.”

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